About Us

Since 1975, the Hong Kong based Yuen Fung Garment Manufacturing Co., Ltd has been solely dedicated to the manufacturing of the finest quality garments for export all over the world. With over 35 years of experience in this highly competitive and niche global market, we have achieved the highest standards and are regarded in great esteem by both our customers and clients in terms of our product and service quality.
Our Operations and Factories
Through the years, we have steadily built upon our good reputation and achieve many competitive advantages placing us ahead of the field in this niche market. We now offer a diverse range of products including a wide spectrum of Denim wears, from infants to extra large size with size vary 4.5oz to 14.5oz.
Other strengths include:
• We produce garments for trendy and stylish world renowned brand names.
• A globally diverse clients base who are located in places such as the United States, Japan, Australia, Europe and China.
• A continuous commitment to quality, and value-added services with key priority on customers satisfaction.
• A proactive client feedback approach that seriously take outside suggestion and positive criticism for constant quality improvement.
Our Operations and Factories
Our privately owned modern factories are fully equipped with the latest 'State of the Art' technology giving us strong capability in handling complex design while maintaining production efficiency. All our factories adhere to the highest safety standards, and our employees are highly valued and cared for. The majority of our factories are situated in Hong Kong and the People's Republic of China with the main 'Sales and Management' office is located in Hong Kong.
The Hong Kong office serves ad the vital communications and administration center for all the material procurement, product development, marketing, trade financing, and information exchange. The headquarters also includes:
--- A production capacity of 360,000 dozen annually.
--- A high tech "PAD" system for pattering.
--- A centralize web-based garment system.
The HK headquarters also acts as a gateway to the People's Republic of China, which has become increasingly crucial, both as a low-cost manufacturing base and as an emerging market with huge growth potential. With China's accession to the World Trade Organisation ("WTO"), our opportunities arise form the gradual removal of trade protective barriers from foreign countries, while within China, the growing middle-income class is becoming a huge potential domestic consumer market for our products and services.
Our Goals and Commitment
Yuen Fung garment's company has goals and commitment that are the foundations upon which the company operates, and these values are held by all the staff to ensure constant high standards. We offer:
Honesty and integrity.
• An equitable commitment to our employees and mainstream society.
• Prompt delivery and reliable quality garments at a competitive prices.
• Continuous development and learning to improve ourselves.
• A strong connection with fabric and accessories suppliers.
• Pride in providing the world with fashionable and trendy fashion wear for all types of people regardless of shape and size.
MISSION STATEMENT Our mission is to become a proactive and reliable supplier to our clients. We aim to develop with our clients a close and responsive partnership that always cater their individual needs and market taste. We are committed to constantly improve our processes through on-going in-house development and research. We offer competitive prices to our clients while ensuring finest clothes that are trendy and stylish and can be delivered in a timely manner.